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Planning Meeting Notes 2/12/2013

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HE’E Planning Meeting

February 12, 2013

The Learning Coalition Office, 841 Bishop St. Suite 301

9:00-11:00 am



Objective: To give an update to full Coalition on Legislative policy/initiatives. Update on member activities. 

Attendees: Craig Crisler (Hyperspective Studios), Karen Ginoza (FACE), Margaret Higa (HIDA), Jenny Lee (HI Appleseed Center), Kim Kepner-Sybounmy (Innovative Education), PJ Foehr (Foehrward Thnking Consulting) Melly Wilson PREL, Vanessa Ott, Sue Emley (PPS). Kathy Bryant (HE‘E), Cheri Nakamura (HE‘E), Lauren Baer (TLC), Matt Lorin (TLC)


9:00-9:30 Update on HE‘Es Legislative Actions

Early Learning

  • SB1084/HB853 Early Childhood (ConAm)—HE‘E no comment
  • SB1093/HB862 School Readiness Program—HE‘E submitted testimony in support
  • SB1095/HB864 Early Childhood Education Program—HE‘E submitted testimony in support. Passed both house and senate committee hearings with amendments. HE‘E continues to follow.


Jacce from GBA was not able to attend so group did not have an update about this legislation.


Family School Partnership Act

  • SB562/HB745 Family School Leave—HE‘E introduced to Senator Tokuda who introduced bill.  HE‘E asked Representative Ohno to introduce to the House, and he did. HE‘E submitted testimony in support. Suggested in testimony to keep requirements same as California Law.   Staff also visited Chamber of Commerce Workforce Development and Competitiveness committee and received comments. BOE Member Charlene Cuaresma submitted testimony as a private citizen.  Passed senate committees with amendments-suggest a review from the Legislative Review Bureau on a study to find out more information.

Group was fine with the LRB review. It will give us opportunity to help formulate questions and drive research.


Instructional Hour

SB238/HB60 Instructional Hour–One bill for instructional hour—HE‘E submitted testimony in support with some recommendations. Passed house committee with amendments. Passed senate committee un-amended.

Both bills kept activities related to GLOs as part of the definition.  Keep following.

21st Century Schools

  • SB237/HB278 Public School Land Leases (Pilot)—HE‘E submitted testimony with suggested amendments
  • SB1096/HB865 21st Century School –HE‘E submitted testimony with suggested amendments

Suggested amendments stressed the importance of stakeholder engagement in the process.

Group agreed to recommend that criteria/guidelines to ensure community engagement are included in the legislation.

9:30-10:00 Possible HE‘E Legislative BOE/DOE Actions Update

Safe Schools

  • SB525/HB397 Safe Schools Act
  • SB523/HB618 Peer Education—Appropriations
  • SB938 Peaceful Schools Program—Appropriations

Group agreed to support-send email to Sen Tokuda and Rep Takumi

  • HB237/SB419Appropriates funds to the DOE for 2 additional alternative schools to facilitate the ongoing education of juveniles involved in the justice system

Group agreed to support-send testimony

  • HB190—Establishes a working group administratively attached to the judiciary to study methods to prevent or control truancy in elementary schools, including the creation of a community truancy board

Group agreed to support-send testimony

Mandatory Kindergarten

  • SB387/HB609 Mandatory Kindergarten


Kanoe Naone commented that principals on West side have expressed having attendance problems because Kindergarten is not mandatory. Group agreed to support idea.


Letter to BOE on Bell Schedules—repeal 2/3 vote criteria

One of the issues raised by the Coalition during last session was the frustration experienced by SCCs and principals in trying to change bell schedules.  Currently, any change requires a 2/3 majority vote by teachers.  This requirement has made it very difficult for schools to make adjustments to schedules even when the change has broad parent support.  With the implementation of the principal evaluation process, allowing principals the ability to manage the bell schedule seems appropriate.  Since the teacher contract is currently under negotiation, should the Coalition send a letter to the BOE/DOE suggesting that the 2/3 majority vote be removed from the next contract?


Kim Kempner-Sybounmy explained that when she was working on a school restructuring, the restructuring plan included changes in the bell schedule. All the work done in planning were lost when the teacher vote failed by a 2-3 votes.


Vanessa Ott countered saying that if a principal could not get a 2/3 vote, it means they are not collaborative.


Karen Ginoza added that what she hears from the field is that principals often give top-down directives that aren’t collaborative.


Group will continue discussion next planning meeting

10:00-10:30  Recommendations for Legislative action from Outside Groups

  • HB675 on Dyslexia–Promotes awareness of the definition and characteristics of dyslexia and other similar learning disorders. Requires DOE to provide professional development to teachers relating to students with dyslexia. Requires the Hawaii teachers standards board to establish licensure standards for reading specialists. The committee(s) on EDN recommend(s) that the measure be deferred until 02-13-13 2:00PM. 

Margaret Higa from HIDA gave an update on the bill. The bill we be deferred this session, but HIDA will work on having a senate concurrent resolution. She will keep Coalition posted on progress.


  • HB1368 on Raising GE Tax for Public Education (Work to the Rules Movement)– Increases the General Excise Tax and Use Tax for certain, specified services and commodities by one percent. Directs the realizations of twenty percent of such taxes to the Department of Education for the operations of the Department under state law.

The committees on EDB recommend that the measure be PASSED, WITH AMENDMENTS.

Cheri gave a recap of the hearing, and explained the bill was amended, taking out the specific % increase, and specific allocation to DOE.  Asked Coalition if they wouldn’t mind having some afternoon meetings to allow teacher participation—no one had a problem with having some meetings in the afternoon.


10:40-11:00 Honolulu Magazine Victoria Wiseman on School Safety


Group like the representative Coalition answers.