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Planning Meeting Notes 3/12/13

March 26, 2013 | Filed Under: Education Policy Notes, HE‘E Meeting Notes, Planning Team Notes


HE’E Planning Meeting

March 12, 2013

The Learning Coalition Office, 841 Bishop St. Suite 301



Objective: To give an update to full Coalition on Legislative policy/initiatives. Update on member activities. 

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Jacce Mikulanec (GBA), Dave Tom (US Navy), Melly Wilson (PREL), Calvin Endo (PTSA), Mary Weir (FACE), Kanoe Naone (INPEACE), Vanessa Ott by phone, Susan Emley (PPS), Kathy Bryant (HE‘E), Cheri Nakamura (HE‘E).


Update on HE‘Es Legislative Actions

Early Learning

  • SB1093/SB1095 update from Jacce Mikulanec

Jacce reported that the three senate bills are progressing. Kanoe Naone spoke about INPEACE’s testimony on having Family Child Interaction Learning Programs as part of the new early learning system. She will share testimony. Staff will see if members would like to support.


Instructional Hour

  • SB238  Update from committee members

Kathy Bryant shared that HE‘E’s testimony tried to clear up ambiguity in what would be considered a General Learning Outcome with suggested amendments to the bill. If language is left as is, then it may be difficult for DOE staff to create bell schedules to be compliant with the law.

21st Century Schools

  • SB237/HB865 update from Kathy Bryant

Kathy Bryant reported that SB237 and HB865 are still alive, SB putting governance with the Lt. Governor’s Office, HB putting governance with the DOE/BOE.


Family-School Partnerships

  • SCR49

Cheri Nakamura gave an update on new resolution SCR49, a continuation of SCR79.  Coalition would support initiative if resolution is heard.


Truancy working group for elementary schools

  • HB190

Cheri reported that the bill crossed over but a hearing has not been set yet.


Safe Schools/Mandatory Kindergarten/Family School Partnership


Cheri reported that bill pertaining to the above topics have died this session, but we will follow up on the issues for next session.


Potential BOE Actions

Cheri informed the group that comments would be drafted regarding the bell discussion from the last meeting. Vanessa Ott remarked that she was not against the intent of action, but wanted to make sure there was a democratic process for teachers.


Cheri also relayed the concerns of Nicole Ryan, a Hawaii Island teacher concerned about the amount of testing and the upcoming Common Core. The BOE is also addressing assessments so we will follow up on the issue.


HE’E Survey

HE‘E Survey has been distributed.


Visit with VPs on Bullying

  • March 27 12:30-1:15, Kaimuki High, Honolulu District VPs


Member News Events and Meetings


  • Early Learning Rally March 14 Capitol-INPEACE
  • Smithsonian Workshop March 14, 4:00-7:00 at UH Architecture Auditorium
  • Large Group Meeting April 3, 4:30-6:30 at JCC. P-20 and Philosophy for Children will present


Meeting adjourned at 5:30pm