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HE’E Quarterly Meeting 06/05/2013

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HE’E Quarterly Meeting

June 5, 2013

Japanese Cultural Center

2454 South Beretania Street 





Attendees:  Kalei Inn, Mark Ellis (KSBE), Judy Layfield (KSBE), Shawn Kanaiaupuni (KSBE), John Doulin (KSBE), Steven Vanatta (DOE Children’s Community Council), Margaret Higa (Dyslexia Hawaii), Mike Wooten (Learning 1st), Jenny Lee (Hawaii Appleseed Center), Lauren Baer (TLC), Chris Jackson (Head Start), Kanoe Naone (INPEACE), Nolan Malone (McREL), Alex Teece (TFA), Meg McCormick (Learning 1st), Gordon Miyamoto (DOE), Renie Wong Lindley (Honolulu Friends),Kristin Douglas (Honolulu Quakers), Mary Weir (FACE), Karen Ginoza (FACE), Bob Campbell (USPACOM), Wendy Nakasone (US Army), Byron Nagasako (US Army), Kerrie Urosevich (Family Hui), Michal Nowicki (Learning 1st), Susan Emley (Parents for Public Schools), Roz Burton-Torres (Junior Achievement), Kathy Bryant (HE‘E), Cheri Nakamura (HE‘E)


4:00-4:10 Welcome


4:10-4:30 Kerrie Urosevich, Executive Director of Family Hui


Kerrie will first present about Family Hui, a peer-led collaborative program which helps build the capacity of families to support their children. She will also share with Chris Jackson from the Head Start State Collaboration Office about the Executive Office on Early Learning’s efforts in creating statewide Family Partnership Guidelines, trainings and toolkits.  Finally, Kerrie will present on Ceeds of Peace, professional development created by Dr. Urosevich and Dr. Maya Soetoro-Ng, which bring together teachers, families and community members to gain skills in supporting children and youth to be peacebuilding leaders in their communities.


Family Hui 1 pager

Ceeds of Peace 1 pager




4:30-4:50 Question and Answer/Discussion


4:50-5:00 Announcements


5:00-5:30 Networking


5:30 Closing



Next Planning Meeting July 9, 2013 at The Learning Coalition-Please email cheri@heecoalition.org if you can make it