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Planning/Policy Meeting 11/13/2013

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HE’E Planning Meeting

November 13, 2013

The Learning Coalition Office, 841 Bishop St. Suite 301



Attendees: Marlene Zeug (DOE), Susan Young (C4), Cynthia Okazaki (PACT), Herb Lee (PAF), Paula Adams (Kahoomiki), Mike Wooten (Learning 1st),  Bernadette Howard (UH CTE), Cary Miyashiro (HawaiiUSA),  Jenny Lee (Appleseed), Kathy Bryant (HE“E), Cheri Nakamura (HE‘E), Jennifer Dang (DOE), Sheila O’Keefe (Aloha Center), Chris Miller (Aloha Center), Michele Wilson (Family Hui),

4:00-4:10 Welcome


4:10-5:00 Members of the Castle Redesign Team


Castle Presentation is here.


5:00-5:10 Break/Announcements


5:10-6:00 Policy Discussion

  • Afterschool Network

Paula Adams spoke about support for the Afterschool Network, which is a national network looking to expand to Hawaii.  The network aims at a K-12 target, with district coordinators, staff, professional development and training. She informed the group that the Lt. Gov’s REACH program, targeting Middle School, received a $150,000 appropriation from the Legislature to establish a network.  However, it only targets middle school.  Members felt it would be best to build a relationship with the Lt. Gov’s office, as seeking an appropriation for K-12 network would be difficult.


  • Air Conditioning

Mike Wooten spoke on behalf of Corey Rosenlee about the prospective air conditioning actions.  One option under consideration is a resolution, to mandate that schools follow OSHA standards for temperature control, which is 68-76 degrees Fahrenheit.  The outcome of a resolution might be to establish a BOE policy. Members thought it was a noble idea, but without funding accompanying it, then it would be an unfunded mandate—policy makers would not want to pass if they new they could not comply.


Another option would be to ask legislature for an appropriation. However, it is not clear how much the actual cost will be for air conditioning the system. DOE reported it would take $1.2 billion, which includes the air conditioning machines and solar photovoltaic panels. Advocates are still trying to get more transparency on this.


Members though it might be useful to do a needs assessment. Others thought in order to win grassroots support, the movement would need to be run like a campaign.


  • Other topics

Mike also brought up problems with lawn mowing—how the sound of the machines disrupts the learning environment. Also, the need for funding on behavioral supports/character education, as well as triangular teacher professional development.


6:00 Meeting Adjourned