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Planning/Policy Meeting 12/11/2013

December 26, 2013 | Filed Under: Education Policy Notes, HE‘E Meeting Notes, Planning Team Notes

HE’E Policy Meeting

December 11, 2013

The Learning Coalition Office, 841 Bishop St. Suite 301



Attendees:  Mike Wooten (Learning 1st), Meg McCormick (Learning 1st), Karen Ginoza (FACE), Mary Weir (FACE), Kathy Bryant (HE‘E), Sue Emley (PPS), Lauren Baer (TLC), Paula Adams (Kaho’omiki)


4:00 Welcome


4:00-4:15 Sharing Common Core Meeting in Chicago


Cheri shared her experience about Common Core meeting in Chicago at the end of October.  She commented that Hawaii was ahead of a lot of other states and did not face the kind of opposition that other states were experiencing with Tea Party groups.


Teacher members expressed comments about Hawaii’s implementation. One member felt that implementation is poor as there is no training or collaboration. Data teams are rushed-not enough time given to analyze data.


Another member mentioned implementation of Effective Education System—EES uses trainers of Coaches within schools—thought that it would be good to have these kinds of coaches for Common Core.


Coaches would allow feedback and hopefully be a pathway for other supports, in particular, collaboration and training.


Another teacher member thought that Common Core would be better than the former system, initially, but now believe that it is basically the same, with the assessments being the emphasis, and teachers continuing to teach to the test.



4:15-5:00 Policy Discussion

  • Governor’s Office-Early Learning

Staff reported that Governor’s priority would be on Early Learning in 2014.

  • DOE Budget/Air Conditioning

Corey Rosenlee reported that he was in discussion with HSTA on air conditioning legislation

  • Family School Leave

Some proposals included 4 hours 2x a year, paid, or 8 hours unpaid.

  • Social Justice

Staff reported update on last Bullying Task Force Meeting—that Suicide Prevention Task Force head wants to start a sub group on school safety.



Meeting Adjourned 5:00pm