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HE’E Planning Meeting 1/17/2015

February 1, 2015 | Filed Under: HE‘E Meeting Notes, Large Group Notes, Planning Team Notes


HE’E Planning Meeting

January 14, 2015


Japanese Cultural Center Manoa Grand Ballroom






  1. Bernadette Howard (CTE),
  2. Todd Simmons (Equality Hawaii)
  3. Bill Reeves (TLC)
  4. Paula Adams (Kaho’omiki)
  5. Tara Kelly (DLR Group)
  6. Scott Fuji (PHOCUSED)
  7. Donalyn Dela Cruz (DOE)
  8. Susan Rocco (SPIN)
  9. Kelly Miyamura (Hope Street Group)
  10. Ian Simoy (Hope Street Group)
  11. Christine Strobel (DOE)
  12. Kathy Bryant (HE’E)
  13. Amy Kunz (DOE)
  14. Malia Espinda (DOE)
  15. Kim Crutchfield (Military One Source)
  16. Jon Shindo (PHOCUSED)
  17. PJ Foehr
  18. Stephanie Shipton (DOE)
  19. Laurie Field (Planned Parenthood)
  20. Ethan Allen (PREL)
  21. Michael Wooten (Learning 1st)
  22. Corey Rosenlee (Campbell High)
  23. Mary Weir (FACE)
  24. Robert Mayor
  25. Meghan McCormick (Learning 1st)
  26. Cheri Nakamura (HE’E)




4:00-4:10 Welcome


4:10-4:40 Department of Education Assistant Superintendent & Chief Financial Officer, Office of Fiscal Services Amy Kunz

Copy of presentation here.

4:45-5:10 Director of Policy, Innovation, Planning, and Evaluation Stephanie Shipton

Copy of presentation here.

5:15-5:30 Executive Director, Equality Hawaii Todd Simmons


5:30-6:00 Legislative Discussion