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HE’E Planning Meeting 12/9/2014

January 1, 2015 | Filed Under: HE‘E Meeting Notes, Planning Team Notes


HE’E Planning Meeting

December 9, 2014

The Learning Coalition


Attendees: Sue Emley, Ethan Allan, Ellen Cunningham, Karen Ginoza, Christina Simmons, Senator Michelle Kidani, Josh Hermowitz, Lauren Baer, Patricia Halagao, Eva Ponte, Kathy Bryant


9:00-9:10 Welcome and Announcements


9:10-9:50 Board of Education Member Patricia Halagao’s presentation on Bilingual and English Language Learning Educatino (ELL). Board Member Halagao will touch upon promoting academic achievement of our ELL and multilingual student populations, meeting needs of these families and communities, and developing culturally, linguistically and community responsive policy.


10:00-10:50 Review of Board of Education Policies (see link to policy revision here) as well as prospective Legislation for the 2015 Session. 

Suggestions for Coalition on BOE Policies

1 Student Success E-100

1A      E-101 Whole Student Development

E-101.6 Comprehensive Student Support System

E-101.7 School Climate and Discipline

3 Effective Systems of Support

3C       E304 Communications (Family and Community)

E-304.2 Family and Community Engagement

E-304.3 Open Communication

E-305 Safe Schools, Safe Students

E-305.10 Anti-Harassment, Anti-Bullying, and Anti-Discrimination Against Students by Employees


Ideas for 2015 Legislative Session

Advocacy on Budget to support education—Presentation by DOE in January

Early Education

Heat Abatement

Anti-Bullying (see handout)


10:50-11:00 Announcements