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Planning Team Meeting Notes: 05/10/11

May 14, 2011 | Filed Under: HE‘E Meeting Notes, Planning Team Notes

Overview: Planning Team discussed Senate Concurrent Resolution 145, New Beginnings Town Hall feedback and possible future town halls, HE‘E 2011 legislative summary, and agenda for large group meeting.


HE‘E Planning Meeting

May 10, 2011 9-11am

Harold K.L. Castle Foundation

1197 Auloa Road
Kailua, HI 96734



1. Debbie Berger (TLC)

2. Cherise Imai (DOE/JVEF)

3. Ann Davis (HEM)

4. Clif Tanabe (Leaders for Next Generation)

5. Debbie Schatz (HEM)

6. Gordon Miyamoto (DOE)

7. Terry George (Harold K. L. Castle Foundation)

8. Bill Reeves (TLC)

9. Dave Tom (GBA)

10. Jamie Moody (GBA)

11. Christina Simmons (PACT)

12. Kathy Bryant (HE‘E)

13. Cheri Nakamura (HE‘E)


Meeting began at 9:20am


Individuals introduced themselves to group. Kathy Bryant explained that objective for meeting was to help plan agenda for large group meeting.


9:20-10:15am Staff Updates

Board of Education General Business Meeting April 26, 2011

  • • Introduced HE‘E and offered to assist with SCR145
  • • Met with new BOE member, Kim Gennaula.


Members of HE‘E attended first BOE General Business Meeting and introduced themselves. HE‘E committed to working with Board and Department on SCR145, concurrent resolution to create and family and community engagement policy.  Board members asked how HE’E would like to work with the Board on community engagement.  We responded that we would defer to the Board on what process would work best for them.  Board members also inquired about HE’E membership on neighbor islands.  We stated that the Coalition is new and our goal is to expand to include more neighbor island organizations.  The Board expressed interest in working together on neighbor island engagement.   Later in the meeting, the BOE Chair asked that member Kim Gennaula take the lead on community engagement for the BOE.    HE’E and representatives from HEM, met with Ms. Gennaula.  She is very excited about working with the community.  She asked for a little time to get organized and then she would reach out to organizations like HE’E and HEM for more detailed conversations on engagement.


Town Hall May 4, 2011

  • • Thank you to HE’E members and participants who volunteered for action areas;
  • • Outreach: all groups from Town Hall meeting


Feedback from members was positive. Ann Davis reported that preliminary surveys-out of a sample of 56:


  • 43 felt inspired to take action for the benefit of public education
  • 40 are likely to contribute time to improving public school education
  • 36 are likely to consider public school education when making voting decisions


Ann also talked about the possibility of hosting other talk story events, at a local level, and having field trip events for parents to see positive things going on at public schools. Debbie Berger asked the group if they saw value in hosting town hall type events as there seems to be a perceived demand for this type of event—people are motivated and energized to do something. Mary Weir mentioned that FACE has talk story type gatherings at local churches and perhaps there is a possibility of expanding to a broader audience. These talk story discussions help inform FACE on their efforts in the community. Group added that careful planning was necessary to make most out of gathering. Starting at a complex level might be a good way to look at a region. Craig Chong mentioned the importance of hearing the concerns of the community-like a report card—how are the schools doing? For the large group meeting next week it was suggested that this be a topic for a full group discussion.  Would HE’E like to co-host a series of Town Hall Meetings on neighbor islands?



10:15-11:00am Priority Group Updates & Discussion


Kathy asked each group to think about how what they wanted to present at the May 18 large group meeting and what kind of support they might need.  Group decided that each group would do a 5 minute summary of what they have accomplished since the last meeting, and what kinds of things they want to work on going forward as summer approaches.  Each group will continue to encourage HE’E participants to get involved with their Working Group.


  1. 1. Group 1:  Ann Davis quickly explained that members of her group had met with Deputy Superintendent Ronn Nozoe and Superintendent Kathy Matayoshi to hear their vision about family and community and engagement. They learned that Superintendent is in charge of this area as it relates to the strategic plan. The Superintendent is still working on how best to address the issue of parent and community engagement.   One outcome of the meeting is a sense that there may be differing definitions of terms like family engagement, community engagement, family involvement, etc.  One suggestion was that HE’E might be able to begin a dialogue about the terms.


The Group discussed  clarifying the terms of parent involvement, parent engagement, and family engagement and community engagement. It seems that people are confused. For example there is a BOE parent involvement policy. Additionally, a concurrent resolution was passed SCR145 to have BOE and DOE work on a family and community engagement policy with groups such as HE‘E. Debbie Berger asked whether we might look at splitting priority 1, making that “community engagement” and having parent/family engagement work with priority 5. Gordon Miyamoto responded that priority group 1 really never focused on looking at community engagement, but rather centered conversations around family engagement, so it might be best to leave as is. It was suggested that one of Working Group 1s actions could  be devoted to clarifying terms so that we all understand what we are referring to.


  1. 2. Group 2:  Policy legislative wrap-up: SB8, BOE Nominees, SCR145, HB945, HB688


At large group meeting Dave will give summary of HE‘E’s contribution to 2011 legislative session and reflect on some of our actions—what worked what could have worked better, etc. Dave will also try to encourage more participation for this priority. The Policy Committee will follow-up with legislators to see how they would like to engage HE’E in the next few months.   It was suggested that HE‘E’s platform be reviewed as legislative issues are identified.


  1. 3. Group 3:  Trust building-coffee hours


Cherise Imai will be leading a quick icebreaker at the next meeting. We have learned that many HE‘E participants still don’t know each other very well and that there is tremendous opportunity to network with each other. Cherise will introduce the idea of coffee hours –so to bring people/orgs together informally so that we can learn more about each other outside the formal HE‘E meetings.


  1. 4. Group 4:  School leadership-survey


Group will continue discussion about School Quality Survey and next steps. Cheri will ask Wendy if she can provide an update. Group has been working on suggestions to improve survey. Who in DOE would be right person to contact?


  1. 5. Group 5: Data meeting


Ann Davis gave some background on the mapping success meeting that was held on April 22 regarding data. Meeting came about from last planning meeting as Dina Shek spoke about one of priority group 5’s action of doing some data mapping with respect to social determinants of health. Meeting participants were asked to come up with 5 pieces of data that we don’t have and would like and 5 indicators and best measure what organizations do.  Group could continue this discussion.





Cheri Nakamura gave a brief overview of website. At large group meeting, Cindy Turner was scheduled to do navigation and training on WordPress.  It was suggested that training on WordPress be done at the end as not everyone would be involved in the updating.


Tentative agenda suggested by planning group is as follows:


9:00-9:10 Welcome and Ice Breaker

9:10-9:15 Staff Report

9:15- 9:30 Discussion on statewide Town Hall sessions

9:30-10:00 WG Updates

10:00-10:30 Workgroup Discussion

10:30-10:45 WG Report Out

10:45-11:00 Website navigation

11:00:  Meeting adjourns

11:00-11:15 Optional WordPress training