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Community Engagement Meeting Notes: 3/29/11

March 30, 2011 | Filed Under: Community Engagement Notes, HE‘E Meeting Notes

Overview: Discuss effective models of family and community engagement nationwide to see what might work in Hawaii

Meeting Notes – parent engagement He’e 03/29/11


Purpose of our meeting with Ronn: Listen to him talk about ideas that he has and models he is looking at …


HEM’s idea of Parent/Community Engagement Report Card to supplement Honolulu Magazine

  • – measure + demonstrate CE

– The message of this report card needs to be linkage, about the parent learning how to bring a program to their school – not about sending their kid to that school. Easy replication.


Indicators for Report Card/Mapping Success/Parent Survey

Volunteer Opportunities


Decision Making

Collaborating with the Community

Learning at Home

Workshops/trainings for parents

Individual or group dedicated to engaging families (e.g. PCNC, PTA, school counselor)


Create survey on parent engagement thru DOE that is administered to schools. This is an ask of Ronn?? Based on how he responds.  Need baseline data to know where we are at now.


Cynthia recommended first pass to be face to face, email survey to pta/pcnc, etc.).  Can we talk to someone who is working on parent engagement at schools and then ask them those questions.


Title I schools. Mandated parent involvement. May be easier to measure. How do they monitor?

Appleseed survey geared toward Title I parent engagement. Use same above indicators that are user friendly for Title I school. http://www.projectappleseed.org/reportcard.html


Kathy’s approach of this first meeting is right on (Gordon concurred) – listen to Ronn and don’t present too many new ideas or be pushy about our ideas because it will cause him to back off. DOE doesn’t want any more work.


Many schools get Title I, ELL, SPED $$ together and do joint events with those funds but make it a school wide event ensuring that targeted population parents (e.g. title I) are invited.

DOE doesn’t want to do anything extra, but do have SOME CE things going on but don’t even know if it is effective.

Come to Ronn with GIFTS – here are the resources we have available to you (e.g. creating this survey). We want to help you.


What school views as parent involvement and what school views are NOT always the same thing.

e.g. reading logs ARE parent involvement but no one views this as parent involvement.


Castle Complex – Parent Leader meeting on April 18th from 6p-8p at Windward District office.



Who will attend meeting with Ronn:







He’e workshop (DOE and parent involvement – we want to set a baseline for what DOE does and reason for workshop is to best support DOE, He’e as a coalition wants to know how best to work with DOE and how to fill gaps) how do you go from compliance to implementation in parent involvement (with Title I/SPED folks…)? What are you required to do by law? Examples of exemplary models (give us one or two local programs that are fantastic).



Next Steps:

  1. 1. Meeting with Ronn on April 21st.
    1. a. Debbie S. to call Ronn’s secretary and let her know that 5 of us will be attending meeting (give names) + ask if Gordon Miyamoto can be included in the meeting.
    2. 2. De-brief lunch directly after meeting with Ronn to discuss next steps based on information collected (at DownTown)


    1. 3. Ann to attend Castle Parent Leader meeting and present what He’e CE group is considering doing and present Project Appleseed survey to get their feedback.  Share Mapping Success – their school could be highlighted. Talk about survey as way of getting input from parents to collect baseline information so we can work with DOE/BOE on supporting strategic plan/policy and build Parent Engagement within department.
    2. 4. He’e (Cheri) will contact Title I and SPED folks to coordinate workshop on HOW they do parent engagement (see above paragraph). Estimated date = end of May/early June (after school ends).