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HE‘E Guest Speaker Steven Bingler of Concordia: 06/14/11

June 12, 2011 | Filed Under: Important News

Please join us for a meeting at the Richards Street YWCA Fuller Hall on Tuesday June 14, 2011 from 9-11am. Guest Speaker is Steven Bingler of Concordia, for a conversation about Community Engagement and Schools of the 21st Century. If you have not sent an RSVP, please contact Coalition Director Cheri Nakamura. Public parking at Ali‘i Place (each 1/2 hr for the first two hours or fraction thereof $0.75, each 1/2 hr after the two hours $1.50), metered parking across the street at Iolani Palace or metered street parking.  AGENDA


9:00 Reception and Sign In


9:10 Welcome, Acknowledgement of HE‘E Members            Cheri Nakamura/Kathy Bryant


9:20 Introduction of Concordia                                                Alan Oshima


9:30 Nexus and 21st Century Schools (30 minutes)            Steven Bingler, Concordia


10:00-10:50 Q&A                                                                        Kathy Bryant


10:55            Close                                                                           Cheri Nakamura