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Policy Team Notes: 06/08/11

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HE`E Education Policy Workgroup Agenda

June 8, 2011


Ward Starbucks


  1. Zach Dilonno (PPS)
  2. Clif Tanabe (LNG)
  3. Mary Weir (FACE)
  4. Melanie Bailey
  5. Rylan Yee (C4)
  6. Pamela Young
  7. Jennifer Dang (NPAC)
  8. Dave Tom (GBA)
  9. Nicole Velasco
  10. Kathy Bryant (HEE)
  11. Cheri Nakamura (HEE)


I. Welcome 5:30-5:35


II. Introductions 5:35-5:45


III. Review Mission of HE`E Policy Working Group 5:45-5:50


HEE Education Policy Working Group Focus

Influence public policy that affects education.

Strategy 1:  Create an online mechanism to:

(1)  Allow for secure communication between Coalition members w/ defined communication policies through e-mail and website

(2)  House information on the Coalition for the public

(3)  Share information about and track policy initiatives of both Coalition members and external policies

(4)  Serve as a forum for the discussion and evaluation among Coalition members of policies affecting education w/ clear support protocols in place.


Strategy 2:  Create a coalition platform that identifies policies and policy initiatives that the Coalition will support and serve as its endorsement body.


Cheri Nakamura gave some background on the policy team, and that initially, it was meant not to be a policy generating recommending body, but rather an information gathering or vetting body. However, it was appearing as though the team was also interested in generating policy ideas.



IV.  Issues 5:50-6:30


Dave Tom started to discuss HB945, School Instructional Hours, to see if it was something that the coalition might consider commenting on. Kathy Bryant, who along with Melanie Bailey was behind the Instructional Hours Law Act 167, gave some background on HB945, explaining that HE‘E did not take a position on this bill, and that she and Melanie were advocating on their own. The bill was originally meant to give exemptions to Act 167 to multi-track schools, but that it morphed into delay of all schools to comply with Act 167. Melanie Bailey shared that she will try to work with the Department and the BOE, presenting compelling data, to see if there is any possibility of progress.


Clif Tanabe shifted the discussion to talking about this policy team’s procedure; he wanted to make sure the group had a clearly defined process before starting to talk about prospective issues.

Rylan Yee, who was an original member of the policy team, reiterated that indeed the intent of the team was not to generate policy but to be a neutral entity, whose function was more administrative.  Cheri passed around HE‘E Platform, adding that the platform was created collectively by the coalition as part of the strategic plan, and that any policy advocacy should tie back to the platform and mission of the coalition. The group agreed that policy ideas should potentially come from all areas of the coalition. Clif asked if that meant individuals as well. Kathy Bryant commented that the workgroups should think about what policies might be generated from their respective work and have the opportunity to present their policy ideas to the policy team. Individuals could recommend their ideas through workgroups or have the option to submit their ideas to the policy team. Jennifer Dang added that it might be useful to educate the workgroups on what “policy” means, exactly, as there is often confusion about what is acceptable policy.


The group agreed that no matter who presents a policy idea, the originators should do their own homework and research. The policy team, therefore, should define the criteria and form. When the policy idea generator is ready, they would present the idea to the policy team who would evaluate to see if it met the criteria and was applicable to HE‘E. If it passed the policy team screening, then it would be forward to the full group for comments and voting.


The group moved on to discussing timing. Cheri asked about the mechanics. Would we want to set a date for a meeting for all HE‘E members to present policy ideas? Group agreed that that would be most effective. August 1 was chosen as a presentation date. Cheri and Kathy would draft a policy procedure document for all HE‘E members. Policy team would work on an evaluation form.  After passing the policy team, the coalition would comment and vote.


Nicole Velasco mentioned that policy should not always be directed to the legislature, because they are often focused on how much it will cost rather than how it benefits students. We should look to see how we might resolve issues internally or perhaps through the Department or Board. Kathy Bryant added that the Board of Education is in the process of doing a policy audit and it would be great opportunity to work with Board as they are determining what policies should be maintained.


Before adjournment, Dave Tom asked group about some ideas where people had interest.


1. Teacher performance and evaluation

2. 3rd grade literacy

3. Age limits for Kindergarten


Next policy meeting set for Thurs July 7 5:30-6:30pm at location TBA