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Policy Team Meeting Notes: 07/07/11

July 15, 2011 | Filed Under: Education Policy Notes, HE‘E Meeting Notes

Policy Team Meeting Notes from meeting on 07/07/11 at The Learning Coalition Office.

Along with the policy vetting process which is listed below, here is a link to the Staff Summary Sheet which also defines criteria by which policy team will evaluate.


HE‘E Education Policy Workgroup Agenda

July 7, 2011


The Learning Coalition



  1. Dave Tom (GBA)
  2. Pamela Young
  3. Zach Dilonno (PPA)
  4. Mary Weir (FACE)
  5. Jennifer Dang (NPAC)
  6. Nicole Velasco
  7. Sue Hagland (PPS)
  8. Takashi Ohno (Fern Elementary)
  9. Kathy Bryant  (HE‘E)

10.  Cheri Nakamura (HE‘E)


Dave Tom welcomed group and distributed notes from last meeting.

1.  Minutes from June 8, 2011 Meeting


Kathy Bryant continued with the objectives of the meeting. To approve policy process and review few possible policy items.


2.  Draft Policy Team Vetting Process

Kathy distributed process document (below) One comment was to add “other working groups” to item 1.




1.            SPOT THE ISSUE: Policy Issue is brought to the Team by HE’E staff, Team members, other working groups or external policy maker.


2.            VET THE ISSUE: Policy is vetted by Policy Team members according to the criteria for either an internal originating or an external originating policy.


3.            DISCUSS THE ISSUE: Policy is discussed briefly by Team, if a presentation is required then a meeting is set to hear the information or if time sensitive, the material can be circulated by email.


4.            ASSIGN THE ISSUE: Policy Issue is assigned to a Team member to take the lead in managing the issue.


5.            FURTHER RESEARCH ON THE ISSUE: Policy Issue leader conducts additional research if needed, circulates information to Team, and convenes a meeting to discuss a recommendation to the full group.  HE’E website or other social media may be available for online discussion.


6.            RECOMMENDATIONS FOR ISSUE STANCE: Policy Issue leader drafts a recommendation to be sent to the Coalition for review and comment.


7.            REVIEW AND COMMENT ON ISSUE STANCE: HE’E staff disseminates the recommendation and receives comments.


8.            FORMALIZE A DRAFT ON ISSUE STANCE: Policy Team reviews changes and drafts a formal recommendation for vote.


9.            HE’E VOTES ON ISSUE STANCE: Staff disseminates recommendation for vote.


10.            SUBMIT ISSUE STANCE TO POLICY MAKERS: Policy Team sends HE’E positions to designated policy makers, and attends hearings to provide testimony.


Group approved the process.


Kathy also reviewed the HE‘E Summary Sheet, which will be the template for policy presentation. A few suggestions were made.


  • Issue can be raised by staff as well as working group.
  • Policy issue before the DOE, BOE, Leg, Gov office.
  • Staff summary sheet will be approved by planning team.


Kathy also presented 3 policy items that HE‘E might consider and suggested that group have team leader  to  champion the policy.

3.  Team Lead Sign Up


  • Diploma-no one wanted to tackle.
  • Strategic plan- Zach and Nicole
  • Family engagement with Ann Davis-Jenn Dang



4. Meeting adjourned 6:30pm