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Policy and School Leadership Meeting Notes: 08/30/11

September 8, 2011 | Filed Under: Education Policy Notes, School Engagement Notes

HE‘E Policy and School Leadership Meeting

August 30, 2011 5-6pm

The Learning Coalition


Attendees: Dave Tom, Jean Silvernail, Pamela Young, Takashi Ono, Zach Dilonno, Matt Lorin, Debbie Berger, Melanie Bailey, Mary Weir, Jennifer Dang, Gordon Miyamoto


Policy and School Leadership Meeting Agenda


1. BOE Update

  • Board sees HE‘E as conduit to community
  • Strategic Plan-outreach to community-Part of P-20 Focus
    • Strand 1 Education Equity (Zero Achievement Gap)
    • Strand 2 Standards (Rigor, K-12 Alignment)
    • Strand 3 Community Schools Partnership

HE‘E’s activities would best fit with Strand 3. Board is in process of planning community meeting in Windward District. Kathy and Cheri will keep in contact with both BOE and Department  CAS to facilitate collaboration.


  • SSQ opportunity
    • Interaction with Department
    • Advisory Committee reviewing items
    • Do we want to comment on bigger picture?

Team decided to gather notes on survey items as well as the survey as a whole and would submit in next day or two.


2. Policy Forum

Would HE‘E be interested in hosting such a form. Possible items of discussion are:

  • Waiver for NCLB
  • DOE Strategic Plan


3. Large Group Meeting

New organizations-presentations by US PACOM, HSTA

5:30-8:00pm at Richards Street YWCA Fuller Hall