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HE‘E Comments to Department of Education

September 8, 2011 | Filed Under: Education Policy Notes, School Engagement Notes

Attached are the following documents.

1. HEE Summary SQS Review 20110831 (111kb)
2. Project Appleseed Survey (53kb)
3. SQS Items Red Line

The HEE Summary SQS Review incorporates our overall comments about the survey, including input on the individual items. We have also included for your reference The Project Appleseed Survey and a link to the Johns Hopkins Parent and Child Survey for Military Child Education in Hawaii (http://www.jhsph.edu/mci/hawaii/). Both the Project Appleseed and the Johns Hopkins Survey are used here in Hawaii and useful to compare to the SQS.  For the Johns Hopkins survey, please also see link to www.hawaiikids.org as an example of how survey was administered to families electronically.  The third attachment is a redline document of edits we made to specific items in the SQS Parent Survey.  We hope our input is helpful for your team and the SQS Advisory Committee.