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Large Group Meeting Notes: 1/26/12

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Ala Moana Hotel

January 26 2011



YMCA, Hawaii 3Rs,

HE‘E Strategic Plan



  1. Amy Callahan
  2. Rachel Tanoue (Hawaii State Student Council)
  3. Susan Sato (Hawaii State Student Council)
  4. PJ Foehr
  5. Mark McDonald (Kikutext)
  6. Max Sack (Kikutext)
  7. Calvin Endo (Hawaii State PTSA)
  8. Peggy Leone (PACOM)
  9. Casey Agena (Punahou School)

10. Gail Mukaihata Hanneman (GSH)

11. Takashi Ohno

12. Jean Grice (DODEA)

13. Ryan Shigetani (Hawaii 3Rs)

14. Jessica Wong-Sumida (Autism Society of Hawaii)

15. Diane Tanbangay (YMCA)

16. Pamela Young

17. Caroline Hayashi (GSH)

18. Terry George (HKL Castle Foundation)

19. Dave Tom (GBA)

20. Ann Davis (HEM)

21. Cheryl Kauhane Lupenui (BOE)

22. Debbie Berger (TLC)

23. Bill Reeves (TLC)

24.  Maya Soetoro-Ng (OPS)

25. Cary Miyashiro (Hawaii USA Federal Credit Union)

26. Matt Lorin (TLC)

27. Kathy Bryant (HE‘E)

28. Cheri Nakamura (HE‘E)




4:00-4:10 Welcome

Cheri Nakamura welcomed everyone and thanked Girl Scouts Hawaii for their generous hospitality.


4:10-4:30 Diane Tanbangay, YMCA


YMCA of Honolulu

Early Learning Project

Project Name:  Come…With Me!

  • A demonstration project based on YUSA’s early learning program model.
  • Modeled after Partnership in Development’s Tutu and Me Program (a family interactive program).
  • Early Learning is one of YUSA’s focus areas in addressing the achievement gap.  Other areas: Summer Learning Loss, After School Enrichment.


  • A significant number of young children in our communities are not enrolled in a licensed early childhood education program (preschool, Head Start) prior to entering Kindergarten, often resulting in a significant readiness gap.
  • Culturally, many of our children are cared for by “informal” caregivers, or family, friend or neighbor caregivers.

Project Goal

  • Strengthen and enhance caregivers’ capacity to support the school readiness of children;
  • Provide children with early learning experiences that will support their development of skills, learning of concepts, and expansion of knowledge and understanding of themselves and their surroundings;
  • Provide caregivers/families with resources that can be enrich early learning experiences in their home;
  • Facilitate and foster positive transitions to kindergarten, including continued parent engagement.

Program Theory

  • Increasing parent/caregiver understanding of play and their role in facilitating their child’s learning will provide positive outcomes for school readiness;
  • Parent/caregiver and child interactions that are intentional and responsive to the child’s needs and emotions are positively associated with school readiness, social skills and receptive communication skills development.

Target Area: Kalihi

Launch Date:March 1, 2012

Target Group:

  • Three and four year olds cared for by family, friend or neighbor caregivers.
  • Children who may be of higher risk of not being as ready for kindergarten – language, motor, transition from home to school routine, etc.

Project Partners: Family Hui, Kapiolani Community College, Applied Nutrition Program, Community Health Centers (Kalihi-Palama Health Center, Kokua Kalihi Valley), Hawaii Education Matters (Parent Academy), DOE Elementary Schools

Strategy/Approach:  Facilitated Caregiver and Child Interactive Group Session (approximately 40 sessions (twice a week, 2 hours per)

Program Components:

  • Positive Parenting Peer Groups (10 sessions) led by trained facilitator (2 hours)
  • Community Leader Training
  • Assessment
  • Parent/Caregiver and Child Interactive Play and Learn Group (20-25 meetings, 2  hours per weekly group meeting)
    • Facilitated by early childhood trained educator
    • Co-facilitated by Community Leader
    • Developmental play and learn centers
    • Family Nutrition and Healthy Living
      • Kapiolani Community College’s Applied Nutrition Program, “Cooking Up a Rainbow”
      • Healthy Snack Time that utilizes parent/caregiver:child interactive snack preparation
      • Hawaii 5-2-1-0, Let’s Go!  – Nutrition/healthy living messaging incorporated throughout play and learn experiences
      • Talk Story Time
      • Interest Workshops by Kapiolani Community College Applied Nutrition, other project partners, such as the teachers from neighborhood elementary school and Head Start, and community resources – (4 sessions, 2 hours each).
      • Follow Ups
        • Resources and Referrals
        • Connection to Family Hui
        • Community Health Centers -family health and wellness needs
        • YMCA – out of school time care/program needs
        • Transition to kindergarten


Contact:  Diane Tabangay

YMCA of Honolulu

Telephone:  808 541-5470

Email:  dtabangay@ymcahonolulu.org



4:30-4:50 Ryan Shigetani, Hawaii 3R’s

Background about Hawaii 3R’s provided here.

More information about Hawaii 3R’s at website on http://www.hawaii3rs.com/


4;50-5:00 Member Announcements

  • Takashi Ohno running for State House of Representatives District 27 takashiohno.com
  • Max Sack and Mark McDonald introduced Kikutext,, web application allowing community engagement through text messaging kikutext.com
  • Girl Scouts of Hawai‘i has partnered with Good Beginnings Alliance and the Hawaii Business Roundtable so that girls can learn about this critical issue and help educate the public during our cookie sales in March!  We will provide troops with resources kits in advance so that girls at every level can learn to advocate for an issue that affects their entire community

5:00:5:45 Strategic Plan

Cheri Nakamura started with a presentation of HE‘E’s achievements during the past year.

Kathy Bryant distributed first draft of HE‘E’s action plan for HE‘E’s strategic plan.  Attendees split up into groups and added comment, which was submitted to staff.  Strategic plan follow up will take place at next HE‘E Meeting.



5:45-6:00 Closing