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Planning Team Meeting Notes 2/14/12

February 17, 2012 | Filed Under: HE‘E Meeting Notes, Planning Team Notes

The Learning Coalition Office

February 14, 2012


Planning Meeting


  1. Pamela Young
  2. Christina Simmons (PACT)
  3. Mary Weir (FACE)
  4. Debbie Berger (TLC)
  5. Bill Reeves (TLC)
  6. Dave Tom (GBA)
  7. Ann Davis (HEM)
  8. Gordon Miyamoto (DOE)
  9. Kathy Bryant (HE‘E)
  10. Cheri Nakamura (H‘EE)


9:00-9:10am Strategic Plan-Timeline and Leaders

Staff distributed updated draft of Strategic Plan Action Plan and asked for comments by end of meeting or by email.

9:10-10:15 Legislative Update

Staff distributed copies of draft/submitted testimonies endorsed by Coalition voting members.

A question was asked about voting process.

For legislative issues, the policy team recommends positions to Coalition members.  Voting and Non-Voting members can send in their response but only Voting members can cast a vote. A YES vote is a yes to a Coalition recommendation, a BLANK vote is a yes to a Coalition recommendation and a NO vote is a no to a Coalition recommendation.  An ABSTAIN is when a voting member chooses not to participate. This means the vote is taken out of a voting pool. Therefore, if there are 12 voting members and 2 members abstain, the voting pool is brought down to 10. For a 75% consensus, 8 yes votes are needed for a recommendation to pass.

SCR145 Family Engagement Policy

Group agreed to support the recommendations listed on DOE report to Legislature and also request second resolution to focus on implementation of the recommendations. Staff will circulate draft of request to report to Senator Tokuda’s office.  Concurrent resolution need to be heard during session so if we are to submit request, the sooner the better.

SB2545/HB1683 Early Education

Dave Tom gave a background and update on bill and situation regarding Junior Kindergarten. Testimony was modified slightly not to oppose total bill but just the sections on eliminated Junior Kindergarten.

SB2729/2527 Performance Management System

Rationale behind support of these bills was to support the Race To The Top efforts

SB2535/HB2007 Instructional Hours/Bell Schedule

Definition of instructional hours should be described in draft revision for next hearing.

SB2012 School Facilities

Coalition did not take a position but provided research to legislature on average spending per student on facilities—Hawaii ranked last, 51st in $/student. At hearing HE‘E was the only group who was not a building related group but rather, was advocating for the end user (students). Staff will ask policy team if there is appetite to take a position.


10:15-10:25              Castle Meeting-Great Teachers, Strong Schools, A Thriving 96744 Community

Staff explained about the Town Hall Meeting on February 29 530-8:30pm at Hale Akoakoa. Purpose of the meeting is to celebrate good teaching and teachers and also see how community can help support teachers. HE‘E has offered to sponsor a follow up meeting with Castle Complex Community Council or if demand from broader community, HE‘E could host a meeting on its own.


10:25-10:35             School Quality Survey

DOE has asked for help in publicizing the School Quality Survey. DOE has issued a press release and is launching a public service announcement. Problem with getting word out and also measuring success is survey does not go out to all parents but only a sample to selected grades.  Perhaps HE‘E can advocate to BOE/DOE at another time to improve their survey protocol. For now, groups are encouraged to let their parents’ know that if they get a survey, to please complete and turn in.


10:35-10:45            Protocols

Travel from Neighbor Islands. HE‘E has an opportunity to apply for a travel grant for members on neighbor islands. Group decided that 2-3 round trips per organization, for now, was reasonable.

10:45-11:00              Group reviewed HE‘E Strategic Action Plan.


11:00                        Meeting adjourned.