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Policy Meeting Notes: 3/5/12

March 11, 2012 | Filed Under: Education Policy Notes, HE‘E Meeting Notes

Policy Team Meeting March 5, 2012 4-5pm TLC Office


Attendees: Jenn Dang, Dave Tom, Patrick Zukemura, Kathy Bryant, Cheri Nakamura


Objective: Review all D1s and D2s for House Bills and Senate Bills


  1. Early Learning SB2545 SD2/ HB1683 HD1

Senate Bill is more robust than House Bill, adding Office of Early Learning; House Bill only asks for elimination of Junior Kindergarten. Therefore, our comments would be directed to Senate Bill.  Group decided that Coalition would still oppose the elimination of Junior K. However, the revised bill does add in Section 1 (6), a requirement that an implementation plan and projected financials be done to ensure a transition from the junior kindergarten program to the keiki first steps program in the 2014 -15 school year. If Junior K could not be saved, then we would support this point and also insist that proper outreach be done with parents who would be affected by the elimination of junior kindergarten. Dave Tom agreed to draft the revised testimony.


FACE will hold community meeting on Monday March 12 from 6:30pm to 8:00pm at St. Elizabeth’s Parish to discuss elimination of Junior Kindergarten. They invited CAS from Farrington Complex and Terry Locke.


  1. Performance Management SB2789SD2/ HB2527 HD2
  2. Instructional Hour SB2535 SB2/ HB2007 HD1


Group decided to support changes made in both drafts for both bills above. Testimony will be submitted with no revisions.


Senate Resolution – follow up to SCR145

Kathy Bryant, Cheri Nakamura and Gordon Miyamoto met with Senator Tokuda requesting for a follow up version to SCR145. While report to legislature from Department on SCR145 had some good recommendations, we want to make sure Department follows up with recommendations.



Monday March 12, Senate Education Week time 9-10am in Conference Room 225. Planning Team Meeting to Follow at TLC Office from 1030-12.