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Large Group Meeting Notes 5/2/12

May 10, 2012 | Filed Under: HE‘E Meeting Notes, Large Group Notes

Japanese Cultural Center

May 2, 2012

4:00 -6:00pm

Large Group Meeting



  1. Susan Rocco (SPIN/SEAC)
  2. Ivalee Sinclair (SEAC/CCCO)
  3. Debbie Berger (TLC)
  4. Bill Reeves (TLC)
  5. Steven Vannatta (DOE/CCCO)
  6. Jennifer Dang (DOE/OHCNP)
  7. Danicia Honda (HSSC)
  8. Rachel Tanoue (HSSC)
  9. Christina Simmons (PACT)
  10. Craig Chong (Fresh Leadership)
  11. Pamela Young
  12. Calvin Endo (PTSA)
  13. Susan Endo (PTSA)
  14. Clif Tanabe (LNG)
  15. Renie Lindley (Hawaii Peace and Justice)
  16. Jacob Karasik (TFA)
  17. Zach Dilonno (PPS)
  18. Carl Ackerman (Pueo)
  19. Jessica Wong-Sumida (Autism Society of Hawaii)
  20. Mason Chock (Kupu A‘e)
  21. Daniel Kim (HSSC)
  22. Karen Ginoza (FACE)
  23. Roy Takumi (House of Representatives)
  24. Cary Miyashiro (Hawaii USA FCU) Gordon Miyamoto (HIDOE)
  25. Wai Sam Lao (BOE/HSSC)
  26. Susan Sato (DOE)
  27. Cynthia Okazaki (PACT/KCFC)
  28. Matt Lorin (TLC)
  29. Kathy Bryant (HE‘E)
  30. Cheri Nakamura (HE‘E)

4:00-4:10 Introductions


4:10-4:30 Ivalee Sinclair, Coalition for Children with Special Needs

4:30-4:50 Elizabeth Sager, President, Hawaii State PTSA

4:50-5:00 Acknowledgement of Wai Sam Lao (Outgoing BOE Member) and Danicia Honda (Incoming BOE Member) and an overview of the Hawaii State Student Council by Rachel Tanoue, School Liaison

5:00-5:10 Break

5:10-5:15 HE‘E Staff Announcements


  • Planning/Policy Meeting: May 8, 2012, Tuesday, 1-3pm (The Learning Coalition Office 841 Bishop Street Suite 301) Validated Parking at Ali‘I Place (1099 Alakea Street)
  • Conversation with Stephen Schatz, Assistant Superintendent of Strategic Reform:  June 6, 2012, Wednesday, 11am-1pm at Location TBA
  • DOE Strategic Plan Survey. Your feedback will assist the Hawaii State Board and Department of Education with the update of the current Strategic Plan (2011—2018). Survey period is from May 1-11, 2012. (120501)

5:15-5:30 Announcements


  •           Clif Tanabe on HR50, encouraging the DOE to include in the social studies curriculum the political, economy and social contributions of persons with disabilities and lesbian, gay bisexual and transgender individuals. Clif will present to Policy Team on Tuesday.


  • Calvin Endo of PTSA will be representing the Hawaii PTSA at national Council of States meeting in June. National PTA wants all the states to bring ideas on how we can help rural schools. Hawaii is not required to report what they are doing or not doing to help rural schools. IF HE’E has information on rural schools, what is working and what needs improving that input would be appreciated.


  • Gordon Miyamoto gave an update on the Castle Complex Community Council. The next summit will take place on June 2, 2012, Saturday, from 8-12pm at He‘eia Elementary School Cafeteria.



5:30-6:00 Networking


Meeting adjourned 6:00pm