He'e Coalition

School Engagement Notes

  1. HE‘E Comments to Department of Education

    September 8, 2011

    Attached are the following documents.

    1. HEE Summary SQS Review 20110831 (111kb)
    2. Project Appleseed Survey (53kb)
    3. SQS Items Red Line

    The HEE Summary SQS Review incorporates our overall comments about the survey, including input on the individual items. We have also included for your reference The Project Appleseed Survey and a link to the Johns Hopkins Parent and Child Survey for Military Child Education in Hawaii (http://www.jhsph.edu/mci/hawaii/). Both the Project Appleseed and the Johns Hopkins Survey are used here in Hawaii and useful to compare to the SQS.  For the Johns Hopkins survey, please also see link to www.hawaiikids.org as an example of how survey was administered to families electronically.  The third attachment is a redline document of edits we made to specific items in the SQS Parent Survey.  We hope our input is helpful for your team and the SQS Advisory Committee.

  2. Policy and School Leadership Meeting Notes: 08/30/11

    HE‘E Policy and School Leadership Meeting

    August 30, 2011 5-6pm

    The Learning Coalition


    Attendees: Dave Tom, Jean Silvernail, Pamela Young, Takashi Ono, Zach Dilonno, Matt Lorin, Debbie Berger, Melanie Bailey, Mary Weir, Jennifer Dang, Gordon Miyamoto


    Policy and School Leadership Meeting Agenda


    1. BOE Update

    • Board sees HE‘E as conduit to community
    • Strategic Plan-outreach to community-Part of P-20 Focus
      • Strand 1 Education Equity (Zero Achievement Gap)
      • Strand 2 Standards (Rigor, K-12 Alignment)
      • Strand 3 Community Schools Partnership

    HE‘E’s activities would best fit with Strand 3. Board is in process of planning community meeting in Windward District. Kathy and Cheri will keep in contact with both BOE and Department  CAS to facilitate collaboration.


    • SSQ opportunity
      • Interaction with Department
      • Advisory Committee reviewing items
      • Do we want to comment on bigger picture?

    Team decided to gather notes on survey items as well as the survey as a whole and would submit in next day or two.


    2. Policy Forum

    Would HE‘E be interested in hosting such a form. Possible items of discussion are:

    • Waiver for NCLB
    • DOE Strategic Plan


    3. Large Group Meeting

    New organizations-presentations by US PACOM, HSTA

    5:30-8:00pm at Richards Street YWCA Fuller Hall


  3. School Quality Survey Comments: 06/02/11

    June 6, 2011

    HE‘E’s comments on School Quality Survey to be presented to BOE at General Business Meeting on June 7, 2011 at 2:15pm.


    The Parent Survey is a good starting point to understand parent interactions with their child’s school.  However, the survey may be enhanced through the following considerations:

    Survey Implementation

    • Increase communication with parents to let them know the survey is being administered and how the results will be used.  Schools might utilize PCNCs or parent groups to publicize survey to make it a priority. This may improve the return rate (currently at 26.1%).

    Survey Design

    • Provide survey in multiple languages to accommodate English Language Learners and encourage increased diversity among respondents
    • Provide an explanation of terms
    • Either avoid using DOE acronyms or at least explain the meaning of DOE acronyms that are used in the survey to help the lay person complete the survey

    Additional Questions

    • Include additional questions:
      • What types of communication occurs between parents and their child’s school?
      • Do parents feel communication is welcome and/or encouraged by their child’s school?
      • Provide a section to comment/provide open ended feedback

    Reporting and Use of Results

    • Create user-friendly results for both teachers and parents to read and understand
    • Increase systematic and systemic uses of results
    • Explore parent involvement component for WASC
    • Explore ways that this may inform teacher/principal evaluations
    • Explore ways to increase the meaningfulness of survey results


    Questions about the Survey:

    • What plans are in place to increase parent satisfaction by 4% per year as outlined in the DOE Strategic Plan (p.9)?
    • Are CASes, Principals, Teachers or Parents regularly asked what information they would find useful to learn about from the survey?
    • How does the survey relate to Federal Title 1 family engagement requirements?