He'e Coalition

HE‘E Meeting Notes

General Group Meetings

  • HE’E Planning Meeting 1/17/2015
      HE’E Planning Meeting January 14, 2015 4:00-6:00pm Japanese Cultural Center Manoa Grand Ballroom Agenda       Attendees: Bernadette Howard (CTE), Todd Simmons (Equality Hawaii) Bill Reeves (TLC) Paula Adams (Kaho’omiki) Tara Kelly (DLR Group) Scott Fuji (PHOCUSED) Donalyn Dela Cruz (DOE) Susan Rocco (SPIN) Kelly Miyamura (Hope Street Group) Ian Simoy (Hope Street Group) Christine Strobel (DOE) Kathy Bryant (HE’E) Amy Kunz (DOE) Malia Espinda (DOE) Kim Crutchfield (Military One Source) Jon Shindo (PHOCUSED) PJ Foehr Stephanie Shipton (DOE) Laurie Field ...
  • HE’E Planning/Special Meeting, 9/9/2014
    Mahalo to Randall Roth, Joan Husted and Marsha Alegre for presenting about the Hawaii Education Institute, an exciting new organization. HE’E members engaged in spirited dialogue and look forward to the Institute’s progress.  Three documents were presented at the meeting which are listed. Introduction to Hawaii Education Institute and Board Members Edmonton Journal: The ABCs of a school revolution Public Education in Hawaii: ...
  • HE’E Special Meeting: Youth Risk Behavior Survey 7/16/2014
    Special Meeting: Wednesday, July 16, 2014, 4:00-5:00pm at Topa Financial Center, Bishop Street Tower,  700 Bishop Street, Suite 1701.    Attendees:  Mike Wooten (Learning 1st), Kelly Owens (Learning 1st), Jon Shindo (PHOCUSED), Scott Fuji (PHOCUSED), Debbie Spencer-Chun (Adult Friends for Youth), Christine Hanakawa (PACT), Gordon Miyamoto (DOE), Lauren Baer (TLC), Lisa Talaro (TLC), Jennifer Ryan (DOH), Jennifer Dang ...


Planning Committee

  • HE`E Meeting 12/12/2017
    HEʻE Planning Meeting December 12, 2017 9:00-11:00am The Learning Coalition       9:00-9:05 Welcome   9:05-10:00 HE`E is pleased to have Mitzie Higa, HSTA’s Government Relations Specialist, present on HSTA’s legislative priorities.  Please join us for this informative discussion! Please RSVP to cheri@heecoalition.org if you can make it.     10:00-10-30 Other Business
  • HE`E Planning Meeting 11/14/2017
      HEʻE Planning Meeting November 14, 2017 9:00-11:00am The Learning Coalition       9:00-9:05 Welcome   9:05-10:00 Legislative Priority Discussion   DOE Budget—Community Engagement Office/Office of Hawaiian Education/SPED/High Needs     Grow Your Own-Teacher Retention       Afterschool       Executive Office on Early Learning       10:00-10-30 Other Business            
  • HE`E Planning Meeting 10/10/2017
    HEʻE Planning Meeting October 10, 2017 9:00-11:00am The Learning Coalition       9:00-9:05 Welcome   9:05-9:40: HE`E is please to welcome Jeannine Souki, executive director of the Hawaii Public Charter Schools Network (HPCSN) to discuss their project on sharing school innovations and practices gathered throughout the state. The website on these innovations at this link https://www.hawaiicharterschoolinnovation.com   9:45-10:20: We also welcome Lydi Morgan Bernal, Coordinator for the Hawai’i Farm to ...


Community Engagement


    Education Policy

    • HE’E Planning Meeting 4/8/2014
        HE’E Policy Meeting April 8, 2014 The Learning Coalition Office, 841 Bishop St. Suite 301 9:00 -11:00 am Agenda   Attendees: Ethan Allen, Susan Emley, Ethan Allan, Christina Simmons, Lauren Bear, Kelly Miyamura, Cheri Nakamura   9:15-10:15 Policy Discussion Group reviewed remaining legislative bills Please see list of bills  at the following link: HE’E Legislative Update April 3, 2014.          
    • HE’E Planning Meeting 03/11/2014
        HE’E Policy Meeting March 11, 2014 The Learning Coalition Office, 841 Bishop St. Suite 301 9:00 -11:00 am Agenda   Attendees: Jim Shon, Susan Emley, Ethan Allan, Kathy Bryant, Mary Weir, and Christina Simmons   9:15-10:15 Policy Discussion Group reviewed Early Learning and Instructional Hour Bills   HE’E Legislative Update March 10, 2014     Guest Speaker Ideas Ola Screening—Group wants to pursue          
    • HE’E Planning Meeting 02/11/2014
        HE’E Policy Meeting February 11, 2014 The Learning Coalition Office, 841 Bishop St. Suite 301 9:00 -11:00 am Agenda 9:15-10:15 Policy Discussion   Mary Weir, Wendy Nakasone, Kelly Miyamura, Sue Emley, Kathy Bryant, Cheri Nakamura   Legislative Priorities Early Education Mandatory K Public School Facilities Family Child Interactive Comprehensive Early Ed System Instructional Hour Air Conditioning Superintendent’s Salary After School   Communications Gifts, Charitable Contributions   Prospective Grant Chun Fun 5     10:15- HE‘E Projects   School Report Card-David Moyer PPS Middle School JVEF Common Core FS Partnership ...


    School Engagement

    • HE‘E Comments to Department of Education
      Attached are the following documents. 1. HEE Summary SQS Review 20110831 (111kb) 2. Project Appleseed Survey (53kb) 3. SQS Items Red Line The HEE Summary SQS Review incorporates our overall comments about the survey, including input on the individual items. We have also included for your reference The Project Appleseed Survey and a link to the Johns Hopkins Parent ...
    • Policy and School Leadership Meeting Notes: 08/30/11
      HE‘E Policy and School Leadership Meeting August 30, 2011 5-6pm The Learning Coalition   Attendees: Dave Tom, Jean Silvernail, Pamela Young, Takashi Ono, Zach Dilonno, Matt Lorin, Debbie Berger, Melanie Bailey, Mary Weir, Jennifer Dang, Gordon Miyamoto   Policy and School Leadership Meeting Agenda   1. BOE Update Board sees HE‘E as conduit to community Strategic Plan-outreach to community-Part of P-20 Focus Strand 1 Education Equity ...
    • School Quality Survey Comments: 06/02/11
      HE‘E’s comments on School Quality Survey to be presented to BOE at General Business Meeting on June 7, 2011 at 2:15pm.   The Parent Survey is a good starting point to understand parent interactions with their child’s school.  However, the survey may be enhanced through the following considerations: Survey Implementation Increase communication with parents to let them know ...


    Family Support

    • Mapping Success Meeting: 4/22/11
      Overview: Discussions about the importance of getting data down to a denominator that families could understand. Using map as baseline so can measure our progress on parent/community engagement. Present: Dina Shek – legal services at KKV, help established 0-3 court Cathy Tanaka-Ross, DOH, school health programs, liaison between DOE Sup and Director DOH Cheri Nakamura – Director of HE’E Coalition Matt ...