He'e Coalition


Enhance community and family engagement in schoolsThe following five priority groups or “workgroups” were identified in HE‘E’s strategic planning process. They are:

  • Community EngagementEnhance community and family engagement in schools
  • Education PolicyInfluence public policy that affects education
  • Building TrustBuild trust and relationships within the coalition
  • School EngagementPromote family engagement as one of the key components of school leadership
  • Family Support Create family empowerment by collaborating to meet the basic needs of every child

Each priority workgroup developed strategies and actions for implementation. In designing the priorities, strategies and action plans, the mission statement was posted and each decision was vetted against HE‘E’s mission. The first tier priorities will be implemented in 1-3 years.

Join a workgroup that interests you

Any HE‘E member or participant can belong to one or more priority workgroups. Each workgroup has a team leader or leaders to guide the workgroup’s progress. Team leaders meet monthly in a planning meeting, though any HE‘E member or participant is welcome to these meetings. Workgroups may also have their own meetings or correspondence based on the progress of the respective workgroup.

If you would like to join a workgroup, please contact Cheri Nakamura for more information.