He'e Coalition

Building Trust

Building trustPriority 3: Build Trust and Relationships Within the Coalition

For us to be successful and for the coalition to sustain for years to come, it will be necessary for us to spend the time and resources building the necessary trust among each other.  As new members join, it will be essential that we spend the time and resources to earn their trust as well.

Strategy 1:  Build a Communications mechanism to:

  • Ensure information is shared with all members
  • Utilize email as a communications tool for information sharing and meeting notifications.
  • Create a contact list
  • Identify a note taker in each sub-group.  Minutes could be sent to all members.

Strategy 2:  Build dependability by valuing your presence but trusting others in your absence.

  • Build collective support, build trust in other members
  • Develop reasonable expectations for the organization, membership, and groups
  • Determine a method to delegate authority so that decisions can continue to encompass the whole group even without participation.

Strategy 3:  Sustain an Effective Organization Structure by Building

  • Interdependent Relations.
  • Determine Governance within sub-groups
  • Have a member volunteer to be group leader.
  • Minimum year commitment.
  • Group consensus, group supports leader.
  • Develop decision-making procedures.
  • Identify strategy benchmarks and timelines.
  • Emphasize that the coalition is a group of organizations and determine how membership is established.

Building Trust Meeting Notes