He'e Coalition

Community Engagement

Community engagementPriority 1:  Enhance Community and Family Engagement in Schools

The educational system in Hawaii can improve its effectiveness by increasing its engagement with parents and families. Students will achieve more when families, schools, and the community work together as partners toward student success. Effective family engagement can take many different forms and have positive impact at all levels of the educational system.

Strategy 1:  Undertake a comprehensive review of family engagement in education in Hawaii

a.         Review current research in the area of family engagement/parent involvement

b.         Review federal and state mandates for family engagement

c.         Review current effective family engagement practices at the national, state, complex and school levels

d.         Conduct focus groups and/or surveys with various stakeholders to determine what is and isn’t working with current family engagement strategies and policies

e.         Conduct comprehensive review of effective family involvement efforts in Hawaii education, identifying resources and gaps in services

Strategy 2:  Develop initiatives to support and streamline family engagement in education in Hawaii

a.         Identify, in collaboration with affected stakeholders, opportunities for partnerships in supporting parent engagement (e.g., training, technical support, resource sharing, advocacy, support building), based on the completed comprehensive review

b.         Develop project models and action plans to implement partnership initiatives

c.         Implement partnership initiatives

d.         Provide opportunities for additional support for Coalition initiated projects, both in contributing to ongoing efforts and in developing new projects

Community Engagement Meeting Notes