He'e Coalition

Education Policy

Draft HE’E Staff Summary SheetEducation Policy focusPriority 2:  Influence public policy that affects education

The following strategies will be implemented in stages starting with a short-term plan of “quick and dirty” processes to allow the “policy influencing” process to start in time to take advantage of the election cycle.

Strategy 1:  Create an online mechanism to:

a.  allow for secure communication between Coalition members with defined communication policies through e-mail and website

b. to house information on the Coalition for the public

c. to share information about and track policy initiatives of both Coalition members and external policies

d. to serve as a forum for the discussion and evaluation among Coalition members of policies affecting education with clear support protocols in place

Strategy 2: Create a coalition platform that identifies policies and policy initiatives that the Coalition will support and serve as its endorsement body

Education Policy Meeting Notes