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Planning Meeting 2/10/2015 9:00-11:00am

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HE’E Planning Meeting

February 10, 2015


The Learning Coalition



Attendees: Ethan Allen (PREL), Josh Heimowitz (TFA), Mary Weir (FACE), Paula Adams (Kaho’omiki), Kelly Miyamura (Hope Street Group), Kathy Bryant (HE’E), Cheri Nakamura (HE’E)

9:00-9:10 Welcome


9:10-10:10 Legislative Discussion



SB822: Department of Education; Student Instructional Hours

Description: Applies the requirement for all public secondary schools to implement a school year that includes 990 student instructional hours to all school years beginning with the 2015-2016 school year. Repeals the requirement that by the 2016-2018 school years, all public schools implement a school year of 180 days and 1,080 student instructional hours for both elementary and secondary school grades. Clarifies that the definition of “student instructional hours” shall be determined by the board of education in consultation with the exclusive representatives of the appropriate bargaining units.

Rationale for Support: Coalition supported this bill in last year’s session. Latest poll of voting members indicated a lack of consensus to support a total repeal of the law.


SB843: Early Childhood Education; Housekeeping

Description: Amends or repeals provisions of Chapters 302A and 302L, Hawaii Revised Statutes, as related to early childhood education, for housekeeping and other purposes.

Rationale for Support: Coalition agrees with making definition of “early education” consistent in statue. Bill defines early education to be “developmentally appropriate early childhood development and education program for children from birth until the time they enter kindergarten.”


SB844: Executive Office on Early Learning Prekindergarten Program

Description: Establishes the Executive Office on Early Learning Prekindergarten Program to be administered by the Executive Office on Early Learning and provided through Department of Education public schools and public charter schools..

Rationale for Support: Coalition supports a Prekindergarten Program administered by the Executive Office on Early Learning. Legislation gives priority to underserved and at-risk children, focuses on quality standards, professional development, data collection and family engagement. 


SB847: Teachers; Incentives

Description: Authorizes an additional per year bonus for teachers who maintain current national board certification and teach at a school in a focus, priority, or superintendent’s zone under the National Board Certification Incentive Program.

Rationale for Support: Coalition supports incentives for highly qualified teachers.







SB858 Afterschool Programs; Elementary-School Students; Appropriation ($): Establishes a five-year evidence-based physical-activity and nutritional-education pilot program within the A+ Program in Hawaii’s public elementary schools. Makes appropriations.

Proposed HE’E Position: Support


  • Coalition supported this bill last year
  • Health and well-being, a Coalition priority, at the elementary school level sets a foundation for continuing a healthy lifestyle as a child grows older


HB732 After-School Plus (A+) Program; Appropriation ($):

Proposed HE’E Position: Support


  • A HE’E member has been working on this bill with Senator Tokuda and discussed at recent planning meeting.
  • Because of tight financial situations, families need an afterschool option for their children and and desire quality content. Appropriation will help with staff training and content improvement as well as help families bear some of the cost burden.


HB1436 Physical Education and Health Education: Requires all public school students to take courses in physical education and health education in grades six, seven, and eight.

Proposed HE’E Position: Support


  • HE’E member has been working with the Obesity Prevention Task Force, where this bill was generated. Issue has been discussed in a planning meeting last year.
  • Agree with the need for physical education and health education in intermediate and middle school
  • Language in bill is broad to give some flexibility to schools


SB126 Board of Education; Membership; Terms of Office: Reconstitutes the board of education to consist of eleven rather than nine members, one each from the seven department of education districts (Hawaii, Maui, Kauai, Honolulu, Central, Leeward, and Windward), and four at-large members. Requires that at least two at-large members have business management experience and at least two members have public education experience; provided that one member have experience as a school principal. Allows the board members, rather than the governor to choose a chairperson. Increases the number of nonvoting public high school representatives to the board from one to two students. Increases the term of office for members of the board of education from three to four years, makes terms run concurrently with the term of the appointing governor, and eliminates term limits. Terminates the membership of the current board on June 30, 2015. Effective 6/30/15.

Proposed HE’E Position: Oppose


  • Coalition had not anticipated a bill to reconstitute the BOE, but because we have a history or working with the current BOE, we felt it important to comment.
  • Reconstituting the Board when a new Governor is elected would cause disruption to the work being done at the Board; new members who need time to get up to speed would be starting from scratch.
  • Appointed board is still a young entity and it could be premature to make substantive changes to statue
  • No other state agency changes Board when Governor changes
  • Governor should appoint Chair for aligning accountability
  • Requiring specific experience for Board Members takes away flexibility for the Governor to make best choices


SB834: Board of Education; Student Member:  Provides voting rights to the high school student member of the board of education and gives the governor authority to select the student member from a list of nominees compiled by the state student council.

Proposed HE’E Position: Support


  • Student BOE member contacted HE’E Staff and provided rationale for support.
  • Student deserves vote to have a say in education policy since the policies are affecting students; we should be empowering students



SB850: Charter Schools; Facilities; Appropriation ($): Appropriates funds for the state public charter school commission to allocate to charter schools for facilities projects. Requires annual reporting to the legislature.

Proposed HE’E Position:Support


  • In a presentation last year, Hawaii State Charter School Commission presented to Coalition members, emphasizing the need for facilities funding.
  • This bill, which allocates monies for small scale facilities based on need and performance, is a starting point for facilities funding.



Support for the Hawaii Department of Education’s Supplemental Budget Request for Fiscal Year 2015-2017 as it applies to the State Budget. 

Proposed HE’E Position: Support


*Coalition recently heard presentation by DOE on Biennium Budget Request 2015-2017 at a planning meeting. Members discussed support of DOE budget.