He'e Coalition

Membership Information


HE’E encourages member organizations to collaborate, share resources, and amplify their voices.  HE’E is supported by member organizations, voting and non-voting, as well as individuals. Representatives of voting member organizations vote on action items while individual and non-voting participants may collaborate on all efforts within the coalition.

A voting member representative of an organization will need to show organizational support when representing the interests of the organization within the coalition and voting on action items, in the form of this resolution from their Board of Directors. A copy of a voting membership form can be downloaded here.  and the membership form can be filled out online.

A non-voting member representative and individual will need to acknowledge that while they are able to collaborate and participate in all efforts within the coalition, they will not vote on action items. A copy of a non-voting membership form can be downloaded here.

membership form can also be filled out online.

The community at large is welcome to attend any of the coalition meetings and share input.  HE’E members meet quarterly.


HE’E’s Coalition Director provides administrative and logistical coordination to allow for the efficient and collaborative functioning of the coalition. HE’E’s Planning Team is comprised of two members from the five top priorities of the coalition. They are responsible for overseeing their particularly priority, collaborating with organizations with shared interests to propel HE’E’s mission forward.  The Planning Team will also work closely with the Coalition Director to monitor and evaluate the implementation of HE’E’s strategic plan.

Introduction of Action Items

Member organizations are responsible for presenting bills, initiatives or action items forward. Coalition action items, both program and policy related, will be submitted to both the Coalition Director and Policy Committee.  Attached is a copy of a policy template to introduce policy related issues. Member organizations will submit this to the Coalition Director and Policy Committee who will ensure the information is complete.  The Coalition Director will then send the item out to the membership for a vote.  If a 75% modified consensus is reached, the item will be passed.

For information on membership, please contact Cheri Nakamura at cheri@heecoalition.org.