He'e Coalition

Get Involved

If you are an individual or an organization interested in making the Hawaii public school system the best that it can be, we invite you to become a HE‘E member. HE‘E works to bring diverse stakeholders together to harness collective energy, share resources, and identify opportunities for progressive action in education.

Voting or Non-voting Membership?


HE‘E members can be voting or non-voting. Voting members must be organizations that are not-for-profit entities. Voting members will designate a representative to participate and vote on items; each organization must sign a board resolution to allow a representative to participate.  The advantage of being a voting member is an organization can participate in collective decision-making. If 75% of voting members reach a consensus, the coalition will endorse a certain action or policy.

Non-voting members can either be organizations or individuals. For-profit organizations can be non-voting members. Non-voting members are able to participate in all activities and comment on action or policy items. However, they are not allowed to vote. Non-voting membership is beneficial for entities that want to participate in coalition activities, but do not want to vote. It is also beneficial for individuals who want to be involved.

Use the contact form to request membership.

Voting Member Checklist

  • Entity is a non-profit organization
  • Representative is designated (the name on the application should be the representative)
  • Board resolution is completed and signed by the respective organization’s board member
  • Complete the board resolution and email or mail to:
    4348 Waialae Ave., Suite 322
    Honolulu, HI 96816

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